1. The Princess Bride is the BEST movie OF. ALL. TIME. So happy it's getting some recognition!!! AND THAT THE ORIGINAL ACTORS SEEM TO LOVE IT AS MUCH AS I DO! Sorry I'm excited

  2. Well that’s adorable & I know what I’ll be doing on May 1! I hope that it’s the same day in Canada!

  3. Too bad I dont have disney plus on the middle east I've been waiting for disney plus to arrive but when it was only on Australia new Zealand Puerto Rico Netherlands and USA UK I felt hopeless everytime I see disney plus I never feel excitement like a used to I feel like some countries aren't good enough to have a good streaming service and yeah I know their content coming to osn I installed the app made an account with 7 days free trial and when I added all disney plus content to my list half of them are not showing because the list is full so one day I hope disney plus become fair square to all countries like Netflix

  4. The princess bride is a classic also, I can watch both on Disney+ and as well as Awesome BD Criterion Edition.

  5. People thought this is an MGM film for some reason since 2000. That is an unexpected surprise for the former distributor (theatrical) still have the rights non-home media (including digital).

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