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  1. When Ashlynn appeared, I literally chanted kiss 8 times, and I almost fainted when they actually kissed

  2. I really wish they had this sooner so that we could see it sooner!!!! I cant wait to see what they do with Big Red and Ashlyn's relationship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. What I think season 2 is : we already known the new play is bueaty and the beast so I think so there can be drama gina is going to be bell because gina and ricky kinda had a "thing" so mini get jealous. Then nini vs gina .big red and ashlyn start dating……….. like for pt2

  4. I love the admiration they have for each other It’s even beyond the Love that they might have for each other
    It’s so rare 🤍

  5. Guys I actually know him! He worked on musicals at the high school and I joined the production of the sound of music and I talk to him and I can’t believe that he made it this far!!

  6. I feel like the next musical might be the Newsies because it has a lot of tap. Plus Disney owns the rights to the production.

  7. Ok but like why did they show his face instead of his feet 😠 I want to recreate this!! 😂 Also if I saw some guy who claims he doesn’t do thestre tap dancing in a dark gym my first reaction would 100 percent be to kiss him like this no cap

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