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  1. This is a great concept by Disney and I as a Hispanic am grateful that we are being included in a substantial manner .

    It is a great story with talented actors bringing the story alive.

  2. Please make a season 2! I just got done watching it and it was an awesome show! It also ended with a few cliff hangers so please make season 2

  3. Everyone listen the person who plays Elena the older one she comes out on Jane the Virgin on Netflix so get your but to Netflix and search it up and watch it and also there's alot of drama in it so comment down below and tell me if it's a good show to you

  4. You know would have been cool? A series about the childhood of real presidents. Like an episode where Abe Lincoln looks back as a child in poverty and his depression he felt when he lost eight elections. Another episode about Theodore Roosevelt surveying the wilderness that would one day be a national park.

  5. Disney company:we gonna need more movies and more shows on Disney +.
    Me:that's a good idea.we do need more shows and more movies.

  6. Wow 😳 I can’t believe this is a Disney show I mean it seems so good 😊 and I saw this on Netflix and I thought 💭 it wasn’t going to be as good but it’s seems something I would love ❤️

  7. Diary of the autocratic nature behind Disney's dictatorial franchise: reaching $1 billion Rise of Skywalker sales and immediately banning $20 handcrafted Baby Yoda goods on Etsy

  8. I am so happy that Elena is a cuban-American. Us Cuban girls need more representation in TV and film 🇨🇺

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