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  1. To all of you crying about this not being like the book, WHAT DID YOU EXPECT!?!? If you want it to be like the book, THEN READ THE BOOK AGAIN!

  2. Disney plus will soon have the movie because of covid 19 but I hope you all enjoy it i know i will. stay safe

  3. I love how vague it is “He is wanted for some of the worlds biggest robberies” “Something of great value to us”

  4. I will hunt down every single potentially legit upload of this trailer and downvote it then click out after 1 second so the algorithm ensure that this never sees the light of day and you can understand exactly how horrifically malicious this adaptation is

  5. On one hand, I'm kinda excited to see what this movie will be. In the other hand, I kinda want to rain down holy wrath upon the fiends who denatured the books I fell in love with as a child… so ya know: mixed feelings over here.

  6. It’s like Percy Jackson all over again. Why do they bother to adapt books if they change the plot so much and strip away so much of the characters? I’m not asking for a perfect adaptation. I just don’t want to see people hate something I loved as a kid because they think that a generic, cookie-cutter, teen action movie is the same thing as the nuanced story it is “adapting”.

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