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  1. Does anyone know if Max will have all the DC animated movies and TV shows and whatnot? Been binge watching and buying all the DC animated stuff I can find on Blu-Ray lately and really wanting to watch some of the other Animated content not on Blu-ray.

  2. Everything I need to get me through quarantine is in this one app. That’s why I love hbo. And always will.

  3. Thank god my mom is still subscribed to HBO. Why? Because when Altice USA made a deal with WarnerMedia to bring HBO Max with NO additional costs to Optimum/Suddenlink/Altice One HBO subscribers, I hope she's eligible to have it to watch R&M, Boondocks, Steven Universe, EENE, Looney Tunes, the Adventure Time special, Fresh Prince, and yes, even the Snyder Cut coming next year of Justice League. I hope it lets me share to other family members, like my brother and my niece.

    However, HBO Max, when will you make a deal with Amazon and Roku, because they are missing out on that.

  4. Just because the Snyder cut is officially releasing on the hbo max y’all are hype for hbo max really two timing fans we got over here I was hype about hbo max without the Snyder cut all of my old favorite shows gonna be on their

  5. im gonna watch joker, south park, rick and morty, love life, Ready Or Not, Close Enough and Batman V Superman the day it comes out

  6. This is it!!

    The last countdown in 5 days remaining until the launch date of a new video Streaming service, "HBO Max"!!!

    And this time, all Cartoon Network's films and tv shows are coming back, including "The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest" with a new shows, "Adventure Time: Distant Lands" as a new limited series and "Villainous (TV SHOWS)", where Black Hat Organization resides!!

    Cause I sense that Lord Black Hat, 5.0.5., Demencia and Penumbra with the other villains are taking over HBO Max and Cartoon Network at the same time for the 31 Nights of Halloween in October 2020!!!

    So, a new shows "VILLAINOUS" with a shorts and specials are Coming later this year to HBO Max and Cartoon Network in the United States of America, because i sense that Alan Ituriel and the other voice cast will return in United States of America and it's all because of Coronavirus outbreaks in Worldwide!!!

    And apparently, "Scoob!" will soon be released on HBO Max, later this year!!

    And now, I can't wait to be the first to see a new video Streaming service, HBO Max in United States and it looks just like Hulu, Netflix and Disney+!!!

    So, was that correct or not?

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