1. First id go to shop at ashleys furniture get a vaccume that has a plug that doesnt have a plug n doesnt have a bag id watch my diet n get rid of my family n parents i got rid of my fat bikini because i like my one pice bathing lol. suites that dont have shorts. For my wardrobe
    n a movie theater to ur home is very important… with ur pool i love my parents home. Because it is home
    but there as stuburn as a can of 91 percent alchol
    i love them but im tired of being in thearpy my whole life n. Want to ring a doorbell that is hard to figure out n own my own 🏡 someday
    if icould figure out to ring the silver brass doorbell xo without someone pushing it forme

  2. I take it many commenters are not from the US, their are some very interesting comments in your comment section.

  3. Its on a beautiful street name to
    But i wish i had pool n movie theater lol n a million dollars to ring the brass doorbell lol just a small movie theater

  4. Its not a big house but its home to me because i like add ons
    I love my parents home but. I couldnt pay for part of the garage listening to nicki minaj its not a big home but its home to me

  5. Warm welcome from island Barbados ,love show favourite show world see super amazing brokers action just on point.

  6. Can’t stand Flagg. He’s not even funny. Get him off this show please. Then maybe I could watch. He’s also not even ethical. Ever since I saw how she screwed over that sweet ulma lady…

  7. This Is BS!! A Hall way With ASofa Looking into o A wall!!they're not even convincing with their conversation and their voices like they might be selling the Brooklyn bridge along with this piece of house

  8. If someone can sell that kind of a house…. You can only imagine how lit is the one they're staying in now

  9. What does BRAVO plan to do about the coutess Louann, who dressed in BLACKFACE AND AFRO! They aired this and got rating and keep her on the payroll.
    Bravo,You need to take Look at your own actions 🎬 across the board. If you want to do this do it to ALL cast members!!!! Do not just pick and choose. Also listen to Michael Jackson START WITH THE MAN IN THE MIRROR!!!!

  10. Some pretty slick finishes in this first house, must be close to a lot for that price, wow

  11. I watched the show. Loved it. Josh and Josh are so much fun to watch.Congratulations Josh on your second baby.

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