1. Jihoon played her with the good old ‘Bait and Switch’ game. He met a hard working American single mother and played his violin for her. She bought it hook line and sinker. And now she’s mad…at herself.

  2. as an American, that place is NICE. I live in Toledo lmao….. 90% of the houses are over priced and falling apart…. i wouldve been happy as hell to live in a place like that… we literally have to be careful on how we walk in the house because the foundation is falling apart below us….

  3. It’s not about the apartment, its about the lack of responsibility this man has!! It’s insane
    She should leave and go back to the states

  4. I feel like people should stop hating on deavan… shes doing everything and that apartment is very small for a family of 4 and for them to live in the long term. It’s probably even smaller in real life and even the korean mom was like “you should have checked the apartment first” meaning it isnt good.

  5. I hate how everyone pretend to know how apartments in korea looks like LOL. Saying this is a good size for korea LOOOL.

  6. She is rude, inconsiderate and thinks she is too privileged!!! People like thAt piss me off, can't she see how hard he is trying to make up for his mistakes?! A good partner would work together to make the best life possible not just rely on the back of someone else

  7. Asian countries and many other countries live in smaller homes. Alot of other countries dont feel the need to live in big houses with alot of extra space. Also they dont make as much there so big homes will be more pricey because they are less common. She knew he wasn't wealthy but hes kind and has a kind family that is close by if she needs help with the kids. Hes good with her daughter . that apartment is not that bad for being in another country. Things are not as bad as shes making it seem

  8. My man got her an apartment in a safe area. Fully furnished….he's trying i don't understand why she keeps whining. What did she want?

  9. Experiencing interracial marriage, I would say that ones culture is different from the other and so does the place. I adapted to the place where my husband lives and made the best out of what he could give. Nothing less, nothing more. I didn’t ask for anything that I know he could not provide. It humiliates him and that won’t help us at all. Instead I boost his self-esteem so that he would continue doing his best to keep us going. In this show, I am not sure if she is going through postpartum depression that makes it hard for her to cope up with the new environment she is in. Maybe she’s also experiencing culture shock. My advise for her is to just “take it slowly”. Everything will go well naturally, hopefully soon as long as both of them would work things out together.

  10. That place is not bad. Its quaint and that's all they need with little ones. 1 month is nothing. Give it to me my baby my bbd. We'll be fine

  11. My husband is a lazya$$ POS too. This is why I'm thankful we don't have kids. It'll be easier & less complicated when I leave. Sometimes we don't have FOOD, yet my POS sits & plays video games & somehow finds money for BEER. At least Jihoon pretends to try.

  12. THE APARTMENT IS FINE! For Korean standards it is actually spacious! If she doesn't like it, she can go back to America and apply for SECTION 8 HOUSING! Dumb bi-atch!

  13. I'm Mexican and live in Us that apartment is alright it's not bad when I visit Mexico I take showers in buckets and I don't complain at all bc it's normal and it's not that bad,

  14. I understand that it's hard to move to another country and live a different lifestyle but she isn't putting the effort to learn the language and she also isn't even willing to learn about the culture or try new things but no hate here!

  15. My heart hurts for the husband 💔
    Don't cry, if I were in her shoes I'd be extremely grateful for everything he has done 😊
    She is just another spoiled American.

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