1. So a bunch of kids go to a camp that's built where a failed theme park filled with man-eating dinosaurs roam that killed a bunch of people? Their parents must really hate them, or they're on some major drugs. Nice to see the Mosasaurus again though

  2. Im sorry but those kids looks like some blender generic pack that you can found for $10 usd on the internet lol

  3. Honestly if they wanted to make an animated series revolving around dinosaurs escaping containment and so on, they should've made it 2D and intended for mature audiences. The first jurassic park book was supposed to be horror, let the kids have their lego sets and let us adults enjoy something graphic

  4. Gotta admit, this looked a lot more interesting BEFORE it turned into yet another action thriller. I seriously would've vastly preferred some lighthearted whimsy set against living dino attractions.

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