1. Wow, Ramona is a nervous wreck! She literally has no right to be giving people drinking advice or speaking on anyone’s mental health. I’m sure if she stepped foot into a psychiatrist’s office she would leave with at least 5 different diagnoses and probably a recommendation to spend some time in an in-patient facility.

  2. For Ramona to say things about Leah's mental issues with Bi-Polar and Depression………..Is horrible. It speaks to the type of person she is. Bravo should fire her butt………but they won't because she brings the controversy.

  3. Bethany needs to come back on this show, she's the only one that's been able to put Ramona in her place !! what a horrible miserable human being.

  4. I love LEAH!!!! Get it gurl! 🤩 I think Bethenny and Leah would have hit it off.. they've both got street smarts.

  5. Leah confirmed that she is diagnosed as bi-polar but not on meds….not judging, but isn't that dangerous?

  6. I have bipolar type two disorder as well! It’s ok Leah, start owning it and being a voice for it. Since Ramona has no life and no story, she has to gossip about you instead to make herself interesting.

  7. Ramona is a horrible human being. She believes that she is better than everyone. I don't know how she became so successful because she sounds moronic when she speaks. Wouldn't miss her at all if she were to leave the show.

  8. Ramona has always behaved like a vile self serving witch, so nothing new there. As for Leah I think she is doing great for an unmedicated person with bipolar 2. For Ramona to berate or exploit a person's mental health issues is way below the belt. Again not surprised, Ramona is tacky and classless. I sincerely hope Leah stays away from alcohol because it makes everything horrible (chemically) with those types of illnesses. I have known several bipolar people who abused liquor and drugs until they were diagnosed correctly. Substances help bipolar people mask and cope with their symptoms then they exascerbate the condition.
    It is a very slippery slope and Leah should do the best she can to manage her condition. Now I understand why Leah's mom is so strict with her, she is just worried.

  9. Can someone tell e what Leah is wearing??? Like why is her chest squared and flat. Other than its a cool look with gloves attached.

  10. No offence but I feel Ramona has picked up some emotionally abusive tactics from her childhood and she uses them against people.. I.e gaslighting and using her childhood when it’s a convenient excuse. She needs to heal, she clearly has some mental issues which is nothing to be ashamed of… as for Sonja, please get some help, she comes across as a nice genuine person (never seen her be spiteful) but I feel everyone glosses over her excessive outburst when she drinks, i would be concerned.. it is not normal (granted they may have addressed this off camera)

  11. Romana using Leah's mental health as a means to demean her and degrade her is vile and utterly disgusting. this is why our family, loved ones, and community are suffering and dying in silence because people are spreading this stigma around mental health. Bravo you are complicit in this as well.

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