1. Love him! They are such a cute couple! I'm glad she overlooked his Instagram posts and met the man because according to an interview, she really liked him in person. He's such a sweetheart.

  2. My favorite couple! Karen’s reaction on her wedding day was honest and real. But, as the day progressed, she looked more relaxed. She was having a good time at the reception and at her request, he was massaging her feet by the end of the night. Look at God. Lol. I wish people would give these women a break. Yes, Miles is great, but Karen doesn’t know that yet. She’s entitled to some anxiety over this process. My only concern is that she is an introvert and typically we like to observe and ponder things for a minute before making a decision. Not sure if eight weeks is enough. But, I’m hopeful. This is going to be a good season.

  3. I think she was second guessing whether she was ready for a man to be emotional with her and be her partner, unlike her ex. I'm glad she went thru with it, they seem like they could balance each other out.

  4. I love this couple they gone make it, if not imma make them lol 😂 love ❤️ love and this is def love ❤️

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