Marrying Millions: My Secret Sugar Daddy (Season 1, Episode 3)  Full Episode

Marrying Millions: My Secret Sugar Daddy (Season 1, Episode 3) Full Episode

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  1. Bri cracks me up his Ex is rich well respected and beautiful..She has no reason to lie to her.. GROW UP little girl

  2. Bill is a phucking oldass arrogant DICKWEED👀👀👀 She's old enough to understand what typa man he is either she's gonna have to accept it or not men like that that are filthy rich have thee mentality of treating women as "ACCESSORIES" they don't have it in them to respect women at ALL that's why they prey upon super SUPER young girls and women👀 smh he gives me Jeffrey Epstein vibes👀👀👀 👎 😷 and it's sad because she is NATURALLY FREAKING ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and seems like she has a heart of gold and did i say freaking gorgeous👀😂❤❤❤❤

  3. Gentille is beautiful and looks so natural. Her friends look old and odd. Maybe too much cosmetic surgery. They are also impolite and rude.

  4. Rosie kept bringing up her hostile "home life" because she was hinting around for him to move her out of there. Nice hustle Rosie. I just hope you really love him, he doesn't seem like a bad guy. He's handsome.

  5. 22:44 wouldn’t the real solution be marriage? If he really wants to care for her give her the security of marriage. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  6. Both these young beautiful girls and old rich guys are in the wrong. It's wrong for a gross man to fall for a significantly younger woman (who could be the age of his daughter) and it's wrong for these women to lead on these guys, letting them think they love them. I guess they both "win" in the situation at the end of the day. But I just think it's important to teach girls at a young age to get an education and work for their money. Relying on a man is not the way to go! Especially a man who you know is a cheater!

  7. She better wise up & use that time & $ get an education & start a business…but NO SHE IS THINKING OF LIVING ON HER LOOKS…..smh…your parents know or suspect….they are not dumb..that's y!?

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