Tea up for the Finals!  Last Chance Kitchen (S17 E10)

Tea up for the Finals! Last Chance Kitchen (S17 E10)

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  1. Kevin's a great chef because he has one helluva palate. I would've liked to see how he would've done on that tasting the ingredients quickfire.

  2. I really like when Nilou Motamed is a guest judge. Much more thought provoking and original feedback than Gail. However, her line about Melissa “disrespecting” the seafood because a shell was accidentally left in someone’s portion was totally out of line. Melissa is a warm and caring contestant showcased by her decision to not screw over her fellow chefs and not assigning them something spiteful. Do you really think Melissa purposely placed a shell in someone’s food? It’s an accident. That’s the problem with snobby, pretentious foodies sometimes. Sure, that’s a reason to criticize her performance, but Melissa was not negligent in leaving a piece of shell. I’m going to make chicken stock today from our left over fried chicken bones from last night. People sucked and licked these bones last night (I even pulled some from the trash). They will be roasting in a 400 degree oven so there are no issues! If you think that’s bad, you are pretentious. Cooking is about rustic, peasant food. Example: Grits=5$, Polenta=$25. As an Italian, it’s the same ingredient!

  3. Figure out a way to keep kevin in the competition not surprised, they like kevin and Brian voltaggio they won't allow them to lose no matter how many mistakes they make, I have seen them change the format before when they had a favorite on the bottom

  4. “To be the best you have to beat the best” not so for the 5 contestants who were shamelessly rooting for Kevin to lose. Hopefully Kevin destroys these weasels. The “five” could be the greatest chefs in the world but they ruin my appetite🤮

  5. Melissa guessing Last Chance Kitchen was spot on. Also feel like Karen was rooting for Nini to come back through LCK, but she wasn't surprised when Kevin stood there sounds like Karen didn't believe in Nini enough.

  6. My guess…the top three from the last challenge. Brian, Stephanie, and Malarkey. I hope Stephanie gets chopped…she sucks!!!!

  7. "Last Chance Kitchen." Or as I like to call it "no, but seriously, you were on the show like four or five years ago? Here's another chance. Oh, you didn't win Last Chance Kitchen this time? No worries, you can come back next season for another last chance."

    I mean I get it…it's a show, but come on guys. This is getting ridiculous.

  8. Let me guess. The three chefs stopping Kevin are the three eliminated LCK audience members known as Nini, Eric, and Lee Anne? Whoever wins, can steal the final last chance kitchen revival I guess?

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