1. I wished Elle and Marco ended up together.

    Like that was a true love story.

    Like we already had noah and Elle in movie 1!

    We need Melle in movie 2.

    If there is a kissing booth 3 Marco and elle need to end up together

  2. Whats sad is I WAS going to watch this to see what this hype is about for the second, but after watching this clip with it's corny ass acting and cringey lines, I'm going to take a hard pass and save myself from watching something I will later regret. Thanks but no thanks.

  3. Elle: If those abs have Instagram, one milion folowers all day
    Girl, those abs actually have Instagram with 2 milions folowers.
    Congrats Taylor😘

  4. Lol that was hilarious I haven't laugh like this for a long time! XD this just made my day thank you @Netflix

  5. Lee: falls down stairs and several other things —> absolutely fine

    Also Lee: falls off dancing square —> needs crutches

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