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  1. Yeah, so I'm guessing they partnerd with a American production and in the process ruined the entire thing.

    Couldn't let them finish a trilogy with no interference, could they…

  2. What a terrible sequel to a good movie, they should've left it alone.😒😒 What good is money in a zombie apocalypse and zombie & human tournaments – seriously! 🙄 🙄

  3. I'm actually looking forward to this. Never judge a book by its cover. Also I'm glad they are doing something different instead of trying to catch the same feels all over again.

  4. We don’t care – We enjoyed the first one so much, we’ll still watch this one regardless! And we look forward to it🙃

  5. I really hope they don't ruin the whole storyline cuz the sequel is more of a "they are the only ones that is not a zombie, what are we gonna do?"

  6. Train to Busan might be the best zombie movie ever made. I know at least top 3 for sure. This looks really good to me as well. Please tell me they release in the theatres here in the States. When is the release date??

  7. Pls stop referring to the original movie bc we obviously want something new and not the same thing. This is only a trailer so u never know what will happen next. 🙂

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