1. It looks crap i haven't even watched it i know it's going to be crap my grandma wants to watch it i keep telling her not to watch it modern episodes suck they carnt beat old episodes

    Let's be honest in medieval times there was no woman with a sword it's stupid the only woman in medieval times was Elizabeth the first how wore armer

    Netflix ow we should do a series about a woman with a sword ow that would really pleas the fans

    😔 🔫

  2. The romance in this show is not even necessary. Started off good than bam high school teen love on episode one. Already gave up on this show. It's like watching a guy trying to get laid in the entire movie and it's not even interesting.

  3. I expected more from the series, more but with the last episode made me curious what will happen to Naomi? And where Merlin went, what will happen to him…
    I watched in one day made me anxious to know what would happen, looking forward to the second season!

  4. Let's be honest; The weeping Monk is a heart stealer 😭❤️❤️❤️ especially in the last episode. He's amazing, a killer but amazing..

    Okay that sounds as if I was a psycho HAHAHAHA

  5. Uhm, this show was dragging it at points…
    Plus, the storyline is just done too often… Personally I prefer the worrier nun

  6. I really don't like this show, it didn't meet my expectations and doesn't makes me say wow. Hope cursed doesn't get a season 2.

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